Disability Discrimination Due to the Effects of Dyslexia

legal-postAn Employment Tribunal has found that an employer discriminated against their employee by not taking their dyslexia into account during their disciplinary process.

Kumulchew v Starbucks provides an illustration of how failing to consider disabilities in the working environment may result in disability discrimination claims. … Read More

The Accrual of Annual Leave While Absent Due to Sickness.

Hand QuestionThe Employment Appeal Tribunal provides another piece of the jigsaw in relation to an employees entitlement to annual leave.  Successive governments have avoided providing clarity through the statutes to annual leave accrual and payment and judges have been left to provide what clarity there is through developing case law.… Read More

Is it time to limit maternity pay?

baby-postIt has been an interesting week that has seen an apparent U-turn in the Chancellor’s plans to cut tax credits, but plans remain to control spending on benefits.  However, since the introduction of statutory maternity pay in its current form, billions of pounds have been paid by the tax payer in statutory maternity pay linked directly to the bonus payments of bankers.… Read More

What is a Disability?

NelsonIn the United Kingdom, the general question of what constitutes a disability is extremely subjective and although the protection afforded by the Equality Act 2010 only applies to those with disabilities falling within the specific definition contained in that Act, there are other public definitions and requirements which are used to determine eligibility for such things as financial allowances or participation in mobility schemes. … Read More