Ascent Advisory

300x350-advisoryWhatever help you need, Ascent HR can provide  support for you and your business. Our advisory services can provide expert knowledge to guide you to the right solution for your business and put in place the appropriate resources, alternatively we are able to provide procedural help to manage employee interactions for you.

We are able to provide all the advisory services that you would expect from an in house human resources department without the need for fixed overheads. We are able to review your current working practices and make recommendations to manage your employment risk. Alternatively if you have specific requirements please call to discuss and we will be able to discuss an approach that will work for you.  Some areas that you may wish to consider are the:

  • Development of Employment Documentation
    • Staff handbooks
    • Policies
    • Contracts and Offer Letters
  • Management of Dispute Resolution
    • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
    • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Development and Delivery of Training
  • Design, implementation and management of benefit programmes

Ascent HR can provide advisory services on ad hoc or regular basis depending on what is best for you and your business, whether you are a business manager or human resources professional. We are also able to provide help for one off interactions when you need help urgently. So whatever your requirement please discuss it with us.